Where is the School Spirit?

By Amanda Roach

Lack Of Spirit: “I’m too cool to dress up and participate in school events” The mummering that goes on in the heads of those who are ruining the memories of Thurston High School. It is clear that school spirit has taken a dramatic fall over the past few years. Less and less students participate in the activities former students once loved.  The lack of participation results in a dull high school experience. Regardless of who you ask, they will always have at least one memory of their k-12 experience that they will never forget. Teacher Mrs. Frankling stated  “My favorite memory has to be when each grade decorated their hallway, all the colors and streamers matched whatever theme the homecoming dance was. No one ever ripped it down or anything, it was such an exciting moment.” What is the cause of the lack of spirit? How have we as students strayed farther and farther away from being proud of our school, and not caring what others think of us? We cannot rely on others to make memories for us, rather we can only depend on our self to say “YOLO!” What changed? Current student, Ethan Kaitner stated, “People’s attitudes towards participation has changed because they think they are too cool.” Alumni  Mrs. Escurel stated, “I think people are becoming more used to technology opposed to actually doing the real thing, such as getting out and showing spirit.” Instead of continuing to wander in the wrong direction, we as students need to go back to the way it was. Starting with the very first Tailgate!!!!!!  We need to dress for spirit week. pep

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