Just Another High School Play

Just Another High School Play

By Alize Whitfield and Madison Brooks


Pamela Gunderson, Thurston graduate circa 1999 and former drama gal, once again directed an amazing play over the weekend.

Just Another High School Play was not just another high school play, in fact, it was many.  The cast put their own twist on famous plays/musicals and actually made it quite hilarious.

“The premise of Just Another High School Play is that it is opening night of their show and the director has quit because none of the students have bothered to show up for rehearsal. With a paying audience already in the theater, the actors have to put on a show by making up scenes on the spot. They find old scripts and put their own twist on many classic plays,” explained Gunderson.

Directing over ten years, Gunderson started in the world of theater when she was at Pierce Middle School.

“Kristen Preston. She was the choir teacher at Pierce when I went to school there and was my inspiration,” said Gunderson.

Learning by doing is how Pamela got to be the wonderful director that she is today.

“I have had some amazing directors in my past. I learned from acting underneath their direction,” said Gunderson.

Watching the play, the audience immediately saw that they were under great direction. The cast was hilarious and their facial expressions added to the entertainment.  Tech Crew did a really nice job as well. Their sounds and lights were fantastic and made the show even better.

When asked how the show went, Logan Charlton of the tech crew said “I think it went great.”  The drama club would be nothing without the hard workers behind the scenes.

The Drama Club’s producer, Ms. Rebecca Chinn, was also an actor in this year’s  show. Her character was a great fit for her, and her acting skills are awesome. It was a great thing to see this teacher in a different light.

As for the director, Gunderson said,” I loved the play. The cast was fantastic and we had a ton of new students come and audition for the play. I hope to see everyone return for the spring musical and I hope to see more new faces.”

Actress Shelby Coats said “Reuniting with people who were in the fall play last year” was her favorite this year.

This was only the first play of the school year.

“We have two more shows coming up this year. At the end of March, we will be performing the school musical, Back to the 80s. At the beginning of May, we will be doing our annual dinner theater with the show The Nine Worst Breakups of All Time,” said Gunderson.

Putting on any production takes a huge amount of people in order for it to be a success.

“I would like to thank all of the students that acted and worked behind the scenes on the tech crew for this show. They were amazing and great to work with. I would also like to thank the parents and families of all the students for supporting the drama club and coming to see our shows. We have an amazing team of adults that help put on the show. I could not do this without them. The Thurston administration and the auditorium staff were also very helpful and supportive,” said Director Gunderson.

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