Winter Wonderland

The Thurston Students Host a Winter Wonderland

By Madison Brooks

It began with an idea by Thurston Senior Marquin Stanley who wanted to do something fun to raise money for those in need around Redford.  When he brought the idea to his journalism class, they immediately were on board.

With some brainstorming and a lot of time on pinterest, they came up with the idea for the first annual Winter Wonderland Festival.  Since the school was already collecting canned goods for the Redford Goodfellows, they thought that would be a great entry fee.  Next, they needed volunteers and boy, did they ever get the volunteers.  Organizations like LINK and Student Council definitely wanted in.  Soon after, the word spread to Culinary Arts and they wanted to donate the cookies and all the yummy supplies for the children to decorate them.  With the idea of games and crafts, the students decided why not throw in some entertainment as well.  The step team began practicing and soon the cheerleaders were putting together a routine.  The Glee Club pulled together some beautiful carols done in glee style and chemistry teacher Wayne Wright was asked to bring out his magic show.

Senior Maddy Brooks soon proclaimed herself head elf and began to come up with a prize system very similar to Chuck e Cheese with its tickets.

“I loved being the head elf and watching the children grin ear to ear when they came to claim their prizes,” said Brooks.

Over fifty students volunteered to run the booths and anxiously waited for the children from the elementary schools to arrive.

“All these Thurston volunteers worked their tails off for weeks ahead of time and were sitting at their stations waiting for the night to begin.  My biggest fear was what if no one shows up?” said Mrs. Frankling, journalism teacher and step coach.

About fifteen minutes before the start time of 5 pm on December 10, the people began to come in swarms.  Staff members and parents from the community came with excited children in toll.  With tickets at only 25 cents for the stations, the Winter Festival still brought in about two hundred dollars for the Goodfellows.

The system for games was simple:  Everyone wins no matter what.

Pierce teacher Elizabeth Duperron brought her two young ones and said, “The Thurston students obviously put a lot of care, effort, and positive energy into making the Winter Wonderland a huge success.  My kids had a great time and their only complaint was that we had to leave and they didn’t have time to do all of the stations.  What a great evening that was fun, affordable, and exciting.  This group better have plans for next year because my kids sure do!”

So often people think that teenagers only want for themselves.  The night proved to all in attendance that so many teenagers can give selflessly of themselves to help others.  They really wanted the young people to have fun and were so proud of the canned goods and money they brought in for the Goodfellows.

Senior Sterling Felix said,”It was such a great night for the kids and I loved their smiling faces.  Who knew you could have so much fun at school on a Wednesday?”

This was just the first year of the event and the students at Thurston want everyone to know that they plan to just get bigger and better next year.  Until then, remember that sure it is nice to receive but giving is a feeling on a much higher level.

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