Thurston Presents Another Amazing Spirit Week

By Laurynn Abram and Aaron Mack

“Varsity Brands released a study revealing the powerful link between school spirit, involvement, achievement and self-confidence. The study revealed that students with higher levels of spirit perform better academically, are more involved and feel happier and more connected to their school and community.”

Last week, Thurston High School celebrated Thurston pride with its annual spirit week.  The week actually started a day early with Formal Friday.  Eagles came to school dressed to impress.

On Monday, Decades Day consisted of students and teachers choosing a decade to represent.  The halls were full of legwarmers and side ponytails, peace signs and headbands, and even a few poodle skirts.

“I repped the 90’s decade by styling in some denim overalls.  Man those were the good ol’ days,” said Senior Kelvin Salter.

Tuesday was Tacky Tuesday and were people ever tacky.  Loud colors and mismatched clothes blinded classrooms.

Junior Maggie Young who is usually known for her great fashion sense kind of looked like a hot mess on Tuesday.

“I closed my eyes and just grabbed articles of clothing from my closet.  I thought I looked cute,” said Young.

Wednesday was Character Day where people chose their favorite character to transform into.  Disney characters made the biggest show out.  Other characters included Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, and Annie.

Senior Kaylei Kerr went the Pokemon route and sported a Pikachu onesie.

“I was burning up by fifth hour, but it was worth it because I am all about that school spirit,” Kerr said.

So Thursday was one of the best days of spirit week ever because of two words:  SNOW DAY.  Sure we missed a black out, but many of us promised ahead of time to wear black pj’s if the stars were aligned and we got that call cancelling school.

Senior Sommer Gibson said, “I wore some black yoga pants, a black hoodie, and a black hat.  I did not want to upset the Snow Day gods.”

Finally, Friday was Eagle Pride Day and the Spirit King and Queen were crowned at the Varsity Boys Basketball Game.  Congratulations to D’eauntae Jackson and Jazzmyne Rhodes.

Jazzmyne Rhodes represented Band and her squeal of delight echoed through the gym when she got a white rose.  The court was presented with red roses, but those with the white one were the ones who were crowned.

“It was such a honor to open that box and find a white rose.  I was so excited and feel so loved,” said Queen Jazzmyne.

Fresh off the basketball court, D’eauntae said,” I felt proud once I opened to box and saw I had a white rose. It made me feel even better about being able to represent my school on the court.”

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