Glitz and Glam at Prom 2k16

By: Seniors Ashley Major and Jasmine Anderson

The Thurston High School junior class presented a night to remember at Ford Motor Company Conference and Banquet Center on May 6. For four years the class of 2016 anticipated this big event and Prom made the last four years of high school worth the wait. Seniors worked hard for this very moment and they “slayed”.  To slay is some 2016 teen lingo meaning “killed it. Succeeded in something amazing.” From the dresses, tuxedos, shoes, jewelry, and cars, this was one night that will not be forgotten.  The money spent on one night might cause a few jaws to drop while others were able to enjoy the night without breaking the bank.

So many seniors of 2016 really showed out this year. Some of the cars that were driven to prom were amazing. Many went all out and some might say they went a little too far.

Seniors Sommer Gibson and Brandon Marshall showed out with their 2016 all-white Audi.

“I liked the dashboard inside of the Audi. It was so nice,” Senior Brandon Marshall said.

Kelvin Salter and Lene Tucker drove a 2016 Dodge Dart.

“We stood out literally. Our car was bright baby blue, and we felt very lavish and luxurious,” said Senior Kelvin Salter.

The prom venue was beautiful. From the black table clothes, the silver table centerpieces, the beautiful dance floor and photo booth, and even palm trees created a stunning ambience. In front of the DJ booth, high on the wall were screens that displayed a photo slideshow of all the seniors.

“It was a fun experience. It makes it even better since you only get to do this once as a senior.   Therefore, you have to make it memorable,” said Senior Deauntae Jackson.

“It was nice seeing all of my friends dressed up and to see who they brought as their dates. The ice-cream was good too,” said Senior Simbi Oydeleye.

Prom Court came to the dance floor at 10:15. Sommer Gibson and Kelvin Salter were crowned Prom King and Queen.

“I was surprised I won prom Queen!,” Sommer Gibson, class of 2016, said.

A little less humble was the King.

“I wasn’t surprised that I won Prom King, I won it fairly, and that’s what the people wanted. I figured there was a change that needed to be made, all of my supporters chanted ‘Change We Believe In’ and that’s why I came, slayed, and left my mark as king,” said  Prom King Kelvin Salter.

This was one of the nights that will never be forgotten. This year was very emotional and eventful for the Class of 2016. It is now coming to an end. Prom was delightful and very special to many. Nothing can be more fun than getting dressed up and looking forward to celebrating with your classmates for one last night. As this year comes to an end, the seniors of 2016 will not forget each other.

“The class of 2016 didn’t disappoint. The best part was seeing everyone dressed up. Now, I’m ready for graduation,” said Senior Ajai Shaw.


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