Thurston High School Presents Under the Sea Homecoming

By Senior Andrea Cruise

After giving each member of the homecoming court a wrapped rose, student council steps back to see who opens the red one. “…and your 2016 Homecoming King and Queen are Trevor Pevovar and Ariel Franklin!” echoed over the pandemonium at Thurston’s 2016 Homecoming half time celebration.

With every great homecoming game and dance, there is a spirit week that leads up to it which is diligently planned by student council.

This year’s spirit week started early on the Friday before with Disney Day. Students and staff were repping their favorite Disney characters from Minnie Mouse, to Darla, and even Simba.  The halls of Thurston High School were Disney-fied.

Monday was Detroit Day where students moved to repping their favorite motor city whether it was decking out in Detroit sports gear or wearing Enjoy Detroit, Made in Detroit, or just that Old English D.

     “I was so upset that I didn’t wear my Detroit gear,” Teacher Sara Bullington laughed, “the one day I don’t have to buy something to participate is the day I forget and come to work dressed normally!”

Tuesday was tie dye day and since not everyone has hippy clothes on hand, the student council sponsored a tie dye party the week before allowing students and staff to get their creative juices flowing in the name of fashion and spirit.

Wednesday was Beach Day where students were decked in hula gear, shorts and whatever else is needed to be ready for a day at the beach. Seniors Megan Abela and Trevor Pevovar took it to the maximum when they brought out sun chairs and tanned in senior hall at the end of the day. Counselors Tuesday Williams and Ann Hann brought floaties, beach towels and goggles to school and wore them the entire school day. We are not sure if they hit the pool on their break.

        Thursday was the annual class color day and red, blue, white or black were worn by each class. This is always one of the days with the most participation because everyone is stoked to rep their class colors, especially the seniors.

        Thurston didn’t have school on Friday, but they had their third annual tailgate before the football game. With a photo booth and minute to win it games, the tailgate was a huge success.

       Although Thurston lost their homecoming game, the excitement and energy was still there; especially during halftime. The marching band performed the second movement of their 2016 show: The Universe. The Varsity cheerleaders did not disappoint with their halftime performance. The King and Queen were crowned during halftime as well, and Homecoming Queen Ariel Franklin gave up her crown to fellow peer, Shelby Coats, who is battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and manages to come to school with a positive attitude about her senior year.

“Hard work and perseverance pays off and made my dream possible.  I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience.  Life challenges make us stronger and wiser and I wanted to share the crown with Shelby Coats for all the challenges she overcomes daily.  Winning was not about the crown for me but instead a boost of self confidence.  Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be queen.  My grandmother, cousin, and sister were all crowned in high school.  I want to thank my teachers, friends, parents, family, and especially Beruit Bakery who helped me campaign with shawarmas,” said senior Ariel Franklin.

         Saturday was Sweetest Day and what better way to spend it by going to a dance? The dance wrapped up the week’s celebration with an Under the Sea theme. Thurston’s student council showcased the theme seamlessly with blue waves covering the walls, balloon stands with sea creatures coming out the top, mermaid cutouts and seashells adorning the waves on the wall. Thurston students did not disappoint and were dressed to impress and ready to have a good time.

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