Trump is President; Now What?

By Charelle Fluker

“There will be Hell Toupe,”  “Deportations to Begin,”  or in a Buenos Aires newspaper simply “Good Luck America” were some of the headlines around the world when on January 20,  Donald Trump officially took office and with that, of course there is controversy in America. The 45th Executive in Chief of the American land faced problems of even having people come to his inauguration to perform.

When artist Chrisette Michelle accepted the invitation to perform at an inauguration party, she was threatened to be shunned  from fans.  So many of these so called fans expressed opinions of her being a “sell out.”

Many Americans of the black community made clear their views on Trump, but it is important to point out that not all views were against him.  

Actor and Comedian Steve Harvey is one example of from the black community who is keeping an open mind.  

After Harvey visited Trump to discuss the many issues of inner cities,  he told reporters that “I walked away feeling like I had just talked with a man who genuinely wants to make a difference in this area.”

Harvey received extreme backlash from the black community but he said, “the only way we’re going to unify our country, is to talk with each other.”

Like Harvey, Kanye West wanted a meeting with the now president of the United States.

According to Trump, when asked what he and the rapper Kanye otherwise known as “Yeezy” discussed, he said,  “Life. We discussed life.”

On the day after the inauguration, women around the world staged a sort of “counter-inauguration.” The protest started as an invitation on facebook but spread quickly in the women community.  It was not so much about working with Trump, but rather to protest.

Elizabeth Warren, a democratic senator, spoke in Boston.

“We also believe that immigration makes this country a stronger country,” Ms. Warren said. “We will not build a stupid wall and we will not tear millions of families apart.”

Controversy is definitely huge since Trump took office.

Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf  even started a live broadcast in protest of Donald Trump’s presidency. The stream is called #HeWillNotDivideUs located in Queens, New York and will be streaming 24 hours, 7 days a week for the next 4 years to show pedestrians lively protest and show their dislike for President Trump.

“He will not divide us.”  But are we divided?

I am a high school senior and to see such racial and sexist tension at this high rate is extremely embarrassing to me.   I know as an African American woman that there are still problems we face as Americans but to see how publicized they are, is absurd. I am entering a higher education institution this fall and I am actually afraid of what is going to happen. I was not a supporter of Trump, but I am interested in seeing what President Trump is going to do for every American not just those who voted for him. I have high hopes for America and its politics since I am looking foward to majoring in political science. I hope things get better and we can find a common ground. I wish good luck to President Trump for his presidency and I also want my fellow Americans to keep hope alive during his term. God bless America and its fellow citizens.

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