Eagle For Life

By Ryann Davis

Flip through the 1995 Thurston Vita Yearbook, all 288 pages of it, you will see many of the same Thurston landmarks: “the pencil,” the eagle statue in senior courtyard, and even some of the same teachers we have now.

You will also see float building, parades, spirit assemblies, window painting, and a plethora of school spirit!  Wait a minute.  Where is that now?

If you look even closer, you may notice a senior named Gina Pasfield.

Throughout the 1995 yearbook, you see this smiley girl who is obviously all about school spirit.  Being a cheerleader, a class representative, and a former yerd (that is what we yearbook students call ourselves), it was her job to do so.  

Fast forward to 2016; Gina Pasfield, now Gina Escurel, an English teacher and supervisor of the Gardening Club, still tries to promote school spirit amongst Thurston students.

Comparing the time she was a student to today, she noticed that there has been a decline in the activities that help promote school spirit.

“We had A LOT of students participating in everything from window painting to spirit week to pep rallies…However, there were also more opportunities for school spirit activities than there are now.  I would like to see some more of these spirit activities/traditions come back to Thurston,” said Mrs. Escurel.

Since being hired as a teacher in 2014, she has made it her personal vendetta to bring back Eagle school spirit.

No matter the holiday, she and her garden club students dec out the THS hallways.  Her group transformed the courtyard for homecoming and in December she organized window paintings for all the clubs at Thurston.

The window paintings was a huge hit where groups such as Not In Our School, SAGA, Yearbook/Journalism, National Art Honor Society, the Christian Club, Link Crew, and many others claimed a section. With activities such as window painting, Mrs. Escurel hopes she will encourage students to have more spirit and pride in their school.

“The decorations around the school (and the window painting) is just a way for kids to take pride in their school. It gives my Garden Club members an opportunity to do something creative and bring school spirit, but also (hopefully) allows other students to enjoy the decor and feel a sense of pride in their school.” said Escurel.

Senior Erendira Marquez is a member of the Garden Club.

“Mrs. Escurel is a very radiant and beautiful person like no other.  She always looks out and cares for others who want to make Thurston a better environment.  She is so laid back and easy to talk to.  She hears us out and is just a very amiable person,” said Escurel.

High school is more than just academics. Ms. Escurel is a school spirit warrior and is dedicated to bring that school spirit back that she had when she was a student at Thurston.gina1 gina2 img_6004

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