We’re Bringing Fun Back

Tim hit the mark alright.

Dunk a Rudy!

Game Day or not, senior Tim Owens gathers all of his strength before throwing a power shot at the bulls-eye of the dunk tank sending the principal into the chilly waters.


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By Trinity Pryor and Alyssa Dickerson

When the yearbook students interviewed the three administrators and asked them about pep rallies, all three of them said they wanted to bring fun to Thurston.

If any of you have heard of the economic theory of trickle down, you might know what we mean when we say that school spirit just may have a trickle down affect at Thurston.

First of all, did you see our Thurston staff?  We are all used to Ms. Rozema going the extra, but this year, the entire staff seemed to “go Rozema.”

We had a principal who happily became “Dunk a Rudy,” and Ms. Harris did not bat an eye while she sat at the top of the dunk tank at the tailgate.  Teachers gracefully took pies to the face at the pep rally even when they were Mr. Madigan who did not actually sign up for all that.

Seniors came in full force with school spirit, but then the freshmen came out of nowhere dressing up on spirit days and crushing it in the window painting competition.

Defend the Nest became our mantra and spirit was in the air.

Behind the scenes, student council made it all possible.  Thanks to their dedication, the pep rally, game, tailgate, and dance were a smashing success.

Thanks to President Maddy Zerial, we had noise makers and a student section.  She also may or may not have thrown a pie at a police officer.

We are told it has been SIX YEARS since THS had a pep rally.

That’s pretty much how long Thurston has gone without the feeling of spirit in the halls. Sure, people dressed up for spirit week in pajamas or class colors, but we seniors do not remember school spirit that came anywhere close to how it was this homecoming.

Pajama Day.   This one is a given for participation. It’s one of the easiest days to participate. You would think in the years past, this would be the day everyone would dress up the most, but usually people failed to show up to school in their cozy pjs.  Not this year though. Walking into the school, you saw football players in onesies and students wearing crazy slippers with bright colors. One thing that is particularly different about this year is WHO participated. The class of 2019 is notorious for losing dress up days. This year, as seniors, the class of 2019 had the most students dressed up. That’s a milestone in its own. What’s even crazier is the amount of staff who traded in their professional attire for onesies and slippers.

Meme/ Vine/ Character Day.   Year after year student council fought for this day and their wishes came true. Many said no one would participate or questioned what a meme was, but this was the day that was full of participation and fun. Students walking around with mannequin heads with hoods, couples dressed up as dynamic duo disney characters, and students taking pictures and videos of people they never talked to before was the norm. This day was the spark that brought Thurston students closer than ever before; the school spirit was through the roof.

Game Day.   You could feel it in the air. Almost every student was anticipating the night’s football game against Romulus. It was Eagle v. Eagle and the school was eager to find out if Thurston could “defend the nest.”   Students and staff filled the halls with navy, white, and pink for the pink out/ eagle pride themed game. Excitement soared even higher as classes were dismissed one by one to the competition gym for the first ever pep rally in six years. It kicked off with the marching band playing the fight song then was followed by fall sport teams running through banners, full with excitement, as they were introduced. There was a teacher versus student tug of war, a feature of Thurston’s Drumline, and even a segment where teachers were pied in the face. The fun continued after the last bell of the day with a tailgate inside the football stadium at 4 p.m. There, students danced to a DJ, bought snacks, and were able to dunk Mr. Rudy and Mrs. Harris in a giant dunk tank. What tied the night together was the amazing homecoming game. The student section was ⅔ full by pregame. The amount of support that surrounded the atmosphere was great. Not only did the cheerleaders cheer on the football team but they also supported the marching band and got the crowd fired up. The King and Queen, Yurel Chattam and Natyla Buxton were announced at halftime after two amazing performances by the Varsity Cheer Squad and the Eagle Marching Band. The night ended by a wipeout score of 35-6 by our own Thurston Eagles, making up for the heart wrenching blowout by Romulus three homecomings ago.

Homecoming 2018 was definitely the year of change. Everyone can feel the level of school spirit rising and students can finally start to say that they’re experiencing high school to its fullest. It is safe to say that after this extravagant week, every single person who goes to Thurston High School is proud to be an Eagle even if a few might not want to admit out loud that they are having fun at school.

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