Eagles Vs Panthers

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By Davion Cannon and Devin Gamache

Let’s be honest.  Redford is not exactly a huge town.  Approximately 48,000 people total.  Yet we have two high schools and two totally separate school districts.  Redford Union and South Redford students are often friends, but when they meet in a sporting event, the rivalry is intense.  Call it sibling rivalry if you wish where bragging rights for a win in football earns the city’s Supervisor’s Cup trophy.

Last year, Redford Union got the chance to house this trophy, but on October 6, 2017, Thurston was going to fight to the rainy cold bitter end until they brought the trophy back to our school.

We were behind.  The Panthers were on fire, but the Eagles were not going to give up.

The Panthers lost in Double Overtime to the Eagles.   It was close.  It was not an easy win.  It was our homecoming game.  It was wet.  It was cold.  It was awesome!

42-40 brought home the trophy and our Eagles were so ecstatic.

Way to go boys.

Friday Night Lights

Davion Cannon
The Eagles take home the District Supervisors Cup after an intense match against the Redford Union Panthers. The team worked together to pull off a win after being behind much of the game.