Like a Girl

By Brooke Holts

43258751_2106728542673069_4291769877531721728_nAfter the Romulus Eagles just happened to beat our Thurston Eagles in a junior varsity football game, one of their coaches posted this:  “Romulus Eagles JV with the win over Redford Thurston …… I put autumn on they wr and turn out it was another girl lol they wanted to take a pic! Don’t let anyone tell you that u can’t do something !#GirlPower #GoEagles.”

“Our girl” is sophomore Lexingtin Schroeder.  When one thinks of diversity, they often think of race but what about when a female dreams of playing in not one but two predominantly male sports?

Lexi is both a  wrestler and football player.   She has played football since the seventh grade and started playing for fun. Lexingtin is defying standards not thinking twice about being surrounded by boys.  

“I actually started to play football because I was always below average in weight and height.   Why not embrace it and have people cheer for me?” Schroeder explained.

Being the only girl on the teams is fun for Lexi and her teammates are really encouraging and helpful.

“I usually am treated like the younger sister,” said Schroeder.

Varsity Football Player Tim Owens is just one of the many Thurston athletes who gives kudos to Lexi.

“I think it is sweet that she wrestles and plays ball.  She holds her own and I say You go girl!” said Owens.

A few years ago, Always (company that makes female hygiene products)  aired a commercial called “Like a Girl.” The commercial focused on the biases society has against women when people say that doing something “like a girl” is an insult. Instead, Always made the message that being a woman is not a weakness.  They go on to say that if you are doing something “like a girl” then keep doing it. Throwing like a girl, running like a girl, or whatever it is one is doing like a girl should be seen as powerful and strong.

Lexingtin embodies the “like a girl” phrase.  She plays football and wrestles and will try any other sport she desires no matter what others think. She is an inspiration to girls everywhere, and even though there will be some people that believe she runs “like a girl,” kicks “like a girl,” or fights “like a girl,” it is because she is a girl.

“Of course I am not ashamed to be like a girl.  I am proud,” said Schroeder.