The Choice is Not an Easy One

By Carlton Mamo

Abortion. It is that controversial topic where we all seem to jump to a conclusion as to whether it is right or wrong. Personally my upbringing has had a major say in how I perceive abortion, and I believe this to be true for many others as well. I personally would never recommend having an abortion to anyone. But there is a point where we have to set our personal and even religious beliefs aside from the overarching issue.

For many years, I never had a fixed opinion on whether abortion was right or wrong. Growing up in a Christian household, abortion was always talked about as being horrific and considered murder, but hearing arguments that fight for abortion blurred the line of whether it was morally acceptable.

In all honesty, I’ve always wondered why me, a male, should have any say in what a women should do with her body. Nonetheless being an adopted male has changed my perception of abortion as well. As African American children are very under represented within adoption statistics, I immediately began to value adoption as the obvious alternative to not committing to parenthood. Given that I beat the odds and was blessed to be adopted, it makes me have hope for unborn infants as well.

Adoption is not always the ideal resolution due to various maternal complications. If I had any say in the process that women go through when abortion is considered, I believe that all options should be thoroughly discussed, yet leaving the ultimate decision to the woman carrying the child, without pressure or guilt.

When does life start? It is important to understand the ending of life that is taking place through the process of abortion. We also must consider the emotional decision women face when they know what is taking place inside their own bodies. In the eyes of many pro-lifers, the women who follow through and support abortion are senseless and do not understand what they are going through. The truth is that women do not just happily go around killing babies for absolutely no reason. In fact, deeming women as emotionless for going through with an abortion is so far from the truth.  So many factors must be considered and not one of us should judge another.  We do not walk in their shoes.

Although I genuinely value adoption as a viable option for women considering an abortion, I know I can not make choices for anyone. My childhood has given me hope for unwanted children, but each women needs to know it is their decision to make.