Wooden Pencils are a Thing of the Past

By David Rozmys

graffDuring journalism class, I went around to ask my peers one simple question: “do you prefer to use a traditional pencil or a mechanical one?”  As I marked my answers down in my notebook with a mechanical pencil, I discovered that 81 students out of the 100 asked preferred a mechanical pencil.

Wooden pencils in this day and age are an outdated as well as lower standard writing utensil. By continuing the production of wooden pencils, trees continue to fall without a purpose. Nature is destroyed more and more when we could be saving it instead.

About 82,000 trees are cut down each and every year to produce more wooden pencils according to treehugger.com. This is an absurd amount of trees to be cut down every year to make a writing utensil that isn’t even the most convenient or most efficient to use. This number of trees is enough to fill Central Park in New York four times.

If we could save more trees and allow them to prosper and grow even further, we could be helping benefit the earth and its people.

First, wooden pencils contribute to the animal habitats that are being altered and destroyed by deforestation.

Second, by banning these pencils and not cutting down the thousands of trees to make them, we could add to higher air quality from the oxygen that will be produced by these trees.

Also, we might cut down on the factory production that’s releasing chemicals and pollution into our air. 

There is a better alternative that can be used instead of wooden pencils. The  main utensil that would be replacing the wooden pencil is the highly popular mechanical pencil.

A survey by glhsreflection.org has shown that most school going children actually prefer mechanical pencils anyways.

Once a wooden pencil has been sharpened all the way down, a student cannot use it anymore or refill it.   

Mechanical pencils do happen to conveniently be both reusable and recyclable, the opposite of a wooden pencil. A mechanical pencil is never truly out of lead even when there’s nothing left inside. They can be refilled with lead strips and used over and over again.   

A mechanical pencil is made up of plastic which is a renewable resource. Some people argue that they will take years to break down even to be recycled and used again but which is better, having to wait a little while to recycle something or not recycling at all?