Cherish Every Moment

By Beyonce Wright

Mark Twain, an American Literature rockstar, once said “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

I never really thought about death until  July 8, 2013. It was on this day that I looked death in its face.

Let’s start from the beginning when it all began.   I woke up earlier that day and tried to do my morning routine except eat breakfast because I was down with a killer case of strep throat.  The sickness had already ruined my day because I couldn’t laugh at family jokes, my voice was disgusting, and then there was the awful and painful cough. This day could not get any worse or so I thought.

Later, my family and I were intending on going to our cousin’s wedding anniversary celebration.  Many attended the celebration with good spirited energy, but the music very much exasperated me and my boredom level was starting to build up. Whenever I’m in a situation like this, I remove myself from it and return back to the car.

Hours rapidly went by, music was still loud, and my two older siblings were unsurprisingly arguing.  During the scuffle, my baby sister was crying badly and I struggled to put her to sleep. I tried to yell in between the arguing, but I failed, my voice was nearly gone. Despite telling my father we had to go, we didn’t leave until 2:36 a.m.   My blood pressure rose when my dad decided to take my uncle home, which was located on the far East side. Ha! The night kept giving.

“Did y’all have fun?” asked my dad as we finally headed home.

BOOM! The car was spinning, lights were flashing, horns were being blown, my siblings began to yell “Dad! Dad!”

“It’s okay; stay calm babies!” said my dad as he had no control of the car.  

We flew completely off the I-94 freeway into the woods. Glass was everywhere, tree branches broke inside and out of the vehicle. My dad quickly took all of us one by one out of the car to a safe spot until emergency services arrive. I struggled to get out of the passenger seat while crying for my father to come back with help. The wait was painful because before their arrival, glass cut up my face and a sharp branch launched right into my right thigh. They arrived just in time before an entire tree crashed and crushed down the whole passenger side.

Fear took over my entire body that early morning.   My life was in a total crisis.  I did not think about how annoying my siblings were for arguing.  I did stress about my sore throat.  I was not mad at my dad any longer.  I just wanted all of us to be okay.

Thank God because  we were okay and from that day, I learned that I cherish my life.  Do not sweat the small stuff in life and cherish each and every moment.  Each moment in life is a gift.