Free Prom Advice for My Ladies

By Micah Robison


Although you may see snow on the ground and it may only be a high of 20 degrees while I write this in January, it is not too early to start thinking about prom. In fact, I began thinking about prom the very next day after I attended my junior year.

Now that it is senior year, I want prom to surpass my wildest dreams.

This is an unforgettable night where you can show up and show out.

Prom is a big deal. Looking from a girl’s perspective, prom was A LOT and very EXPENSIVE.

As I prioritize my Prom Must Do’s, I think about the following check list:

The Dress  For me, the most stressful part of prom preparation was finding the dress, but I learned so much from the experience.  My advice is to make sure you know your color and have an idea before looking because if you don’t know your color, it’s going to be hard and stressful. The dress is the most important part to me and the best part of saying yes to the dress is that everything else seems to fall into place from there.

The Shoes Although you may think shoes are easy to find, you have to make sure you start looking for shoes early. Have more than one option because they might be out of stock or your size may be gone. Don’t just look in stores, but look online as well. When you do go to a shoe store, make sure you bring a swatch of the dress material so it is easier to match up the colors.  Finding shoes that are comfortable is a must.  Even consider wearing your stunning shoes for photos, but then slip a pair of slippers or cozy flats into your purse.  If you can’t dance at prom because your feet are killing you then you are missing out.  Prom is a dance after all.

The Hair When you’re going to prom and you’re thinking about hair styles, you  want your hair to be pretty and simple because the details of your dress is the main focus. You don’t want your hair to be out doing your dress.  Seriously, simple is better and more elegant.  Doing too much can even be uncomfortable which will take away from the evening.

The Makeup Getting your makeup done is the second best thing about prom day. Your makeup should be flawless and beautiful.  If you are going to try it yourself, practice ahead of time.  Figure out how long it will take so you are not rushed on prom day.  Get an honest opinion from a trusted friend or family member that your makeup is on point.

The Car   Having a rental or car that you never driven before is fun and exciting. Some people on prom day rent a car that is the same color of their outfits. Sometimes people even rent limos.  Having someone else drive you in a limo or party bus does have some advantages.  You do not need to stress about safety and many friends can come together.  On the other hand, having a cool rental is fun for photos.  Make sure you find out the rules for renting a car.  Most companies have an age limit.  If your date is driving a family car or their own, make sure that you politely ask them to detail it.

After Prom For me, after prom was fun! Nobody wants to go straight home after a dance that ends at 11. You have to make sure you have money because nothing is free. Usually people go out to eat or get dressed up and go out with their friends.  Plan it ahead of time so you know what is open that late.

Thurston students vary on how much money they plan on spending on prom.  The diagram below portrays the results of how much Eagles plan to spend.