Habits that Lead to Getting Good Grades

By Kentia Fearn

I have always been an honors student, but not because A’s just came easy to me.  In fact, I had to work really hard in classes like history and science  Good grades in English and math admittedly comes much easier. What I do have in everything I face is the passion to do well.  School has always been my number one priority. As a young child, I was always told that my education was very important. I come from a low income family where no one got the chance to graduate from high school. Knowing this motivates me to want to do better for myself. Not only do I want to be better for myself, I want to do better for my family.

My family’s educational background influences me to want to be something in life. I’ve been working ever since I was 14 years old and so far I have had a total of three jobs. My first job was at Tim Horton’s as a team member where I have been for the last three years.  In the summer of 2017, I began working at Los Tres Amigos as a hostess. In the fall of 2017, I started working at Target as a sales associate. Working at a young age has taught me so many skills such as the value of hard work as well as how to work with a plethora of different people.  It also confirms my dream of not only being the first in my family to graduate from high school but to finish college as well.

I want to attend college for an abundance of reasons. One reason being the most pivotal is I’ll be the first to attend in my family.   In college, I plan to study biochemistry, which will be a big challenge because science classes are always the most challenging for me.

Tell me I can’t do something and I’ll try my hardest to prove you wrong.   Like many others, I have been through so many obstacles to get to where I am now. Those obstacles have strengthened me and made me who I am today.

You too can do well.  No excuses.  My mom always pushed me to do well and both my parents worked really hard in life.  Still, it is up to you to do what is needed to get ahead.  My mom is now my inspiration because she is starting classes to earn her GED.  It is never too late to value your education.

Readers Digest ran an article called 11 Secret Habits of Straight-A Students Even Post-Grads Will Want to Steal.   Edwin Kiester argued that the secret to A’s is “not about brains, or about the amount of time spent studying. Many of the highest-scoring students attribute their success to some surprisingly simple habits.”

I can relate to so many of these habits:

  • First, he says that high achievers set priorities.  Put the phone down for starts.  If you want to do well in school, make it a priority.  When I am stressed, I grab a coloring book and just color.  While others may be on their phone in the free time they have, I decided to do something productive and calming in mine. I amazed my peers while I colored in my free time instead of reaching for my phone like most teens my age.
  • Next, get organized.  You can’t hope to do well if your papers are a mess or you lose everything in your locker.
  • Schedule your time.   There is no way I would do well in school and balance my intense work schedule if I did not do this.
  • Take good notes and use them.
  • Study with friends who also want to do well.
  • Ask for help.  Seriously, I keep asking questions.  If I do not understand, I ask my teachers over and over again until I do.  They will be happy that you do so too.
  • Finally, have some “me” time.  I love music and I listen to several different genres of music. Working out is my get away from everything and keeps me calm and stress free.

For what it  is worth, this is the story behind how one 17 year old girl who loves tim bits from Tim Horton’s and enjoys her Target employee discount refuses to give less than her best when it comes to pursuing her dreams.