Life with Chloe

By Raven Davis-Whitaker

As the only daughter, my mom and I have always been close.  Now that it is senior year, I knew this year was going to be all about me with college applications, prom dress shopping, and getting ready for graduation.

All of this is on track and is almost exactly what I expected except for one small thing.  Not only a small thing but an absolutely adorable small thing or more like child named Chloe who has turned our lives upside down.

Yes, it is my senior year, but it is not just “all about me” because I now have a baby sister.

At the end of junior year, right around the time I was stressing about SATS, Chloe was born.  Good thing she made her arrival before the test date because I actually told everyone I would miss SAT’s in order to be there for her birth.

They say that birth is the most beautiful site in the world.  Not exactly.  When I saw Chloe’s head appearing into the world, I start feeling hot and lightheaded.  To call it messy would be an understatement.  Quickly, the nurse got me a chair before I went down.

Before that, I was so proud of myself for being strong for my mom even though she pulled out two of her own braids, no joke.

I got it together when she “slid” out, and she immediately grabbed my finger.

My heart melted and I knew she was my forever sister and my bestie.

Since my sister’s birth, I am my happiest. I am a senior in high school with a 9 month old sister. Sometimes, having a little sister can be difficult though because I have to balance my last year in high school and spend time with her before I leave for college.  I am almost tempted to stay at home or better yet to sneak her out to my dorm at Eastern Michigan in the fall.

Even though Chloe isn’t that old I still teach her things that can help her in the long run. I taught her how to say, “eyes”, “nose”, “hi”, “baby”, “bye bye.”  I am that big sister who will always teach her what I know.

She too teaches me.

Often people mistake Chloe as my daughter when we are out, which makes me laugh because I have no desire to be in a birthing room for a very, very long time if ever.

People would think I would be jealous having to share the spotlight with not only my younger brother, but now a baby sister.

In reality, jealousy is not a factor at all.  Chloe is a blessing in my life.