Look at Me! Look at Me!

By Kayla Hampton

Or so it feels for a shy new kid.

The new kid.  That’s me.  Better yet, I am the new kid in a class of seniors where most went to school together since sixth grade.

We all know the classic lyrics, “Just a small town girl living in a lonely world” from some old band named Journey.  Not to be cliche, but that is me.  My “midnight train” brought me to Thurston High School in Redford, Michigan.

I feel like a small town girl coming to the big city, to say the least.

Previously in Kayla’s life. . .

My school was very small. So small to the point that everyone knew each other’s business and when I say everyone I mean everyone, including the teachers. Who am I kidding? The teachers were the ones who knew before the person it was about did. Due to the community of people, people become very close. Not in a sense that we’re a family because who believes in those lies, but in a sense of acknowledging each other’s presence and learning and growing as a people.

Now, that I shared this background, let’s imagine a girl being stolen away from that background. To put in layman’s terms, I felt like a terrified kitten.

I “heard” so many rumors about this new school. So, imagine this…me on the first day of school with the so-called previous knowledge I held and then…bam! Absolutely, nothing happens. I was nervous for nothing. I had this idea that there would be fights everywhere in this new school that borders Detroit.  My previous school didn’t have fights. If a student got in a fight, they would get a 45 day suspension.  Yet, I learned that all of these preconceived notions about Thurston were just anxiety.

My first day was not at all about dodging fights.  Instead, on the first day,  I got rid of my initial fear and replaced it with simple nervousness. I had no idea where my classes were. I felt like I was in a never-ending maze. And to top that, I missed the bus, which was one of the most, well not the most, but a very embarrassing moment of my life.

What is it like being new? In the beginning of the year I would say that I dreaded every moment and hoped and prayed to go back to my old school. Yet, this was in the beginning.

I have a totally different view now.  After all of that, I wouldn’t have thought that I would make it in this school. Yet, here I am ending my first semester and telling you that if you’re new it will be difficult in the beginning, but just put yourself out there and it is okay to be alone.

You don’t need to be outspoken and spontaneous, as cheesy as it’s going to sound, just be yourself. There is only one you and why change that?

Overall, I feel like coming from a small school to a bigger school just got me a little more ready for college life.