What Do Your Pizza Topping Choices Say about You?

By Sydney Taylor

  MOD, otherwise known as Made On Demand, is my job’s specialty. MOD Pizza is your version of Subway, but it’s pizza and better. We give you pizza super fast with all of your favorite toppings. We offer over 30 toppings and the best thing about it is the price stays the same no matter what you pick. Our main idea is called Spreading MODness – if we take care of our employees, they’ll take care of you, and our business will take care of itself.  I have been working at MOD Pizza for almost two years and the customers that come in and out of there are something else. Although a plethora of people come inside my job, there are usually five main kinds of customers I usually see:


The Indecisive


Throughout my daily shifts, there are many new customers that come in to try MOD. It’s my job to make sure they get an understanding of how we work and what we can do to make their experience memorable. Once I give my spiel, they are still wary about how we work. They stop at every station and take minutes contemplating on each topping. In the end though, after trial and error, they come up with something they like. Usually.  Busy Moms with small kids are most guilty.  Not the mom, but the kid is the one who usually does not know what they want.  More times than I can count, the kid wants everything on the side because “they will not eat cooked toppings.”

The Mountain Climber

Every once in awhile there is that one customer who thinks unlimited toppings means go hard. They want extra of every. Single. Topping. Although we specialize in Italian style pizza with a thinner crust and lighter toppings, some customers seem like they don’t want their pizza to cook all the way from all their toppings. I’ve seen mountains formed just from people putting every type of topping we have on their pizza.  By the end of it, some pizzas are so heavy I almost need a crane to help lift the Mount Everest into the oven.  You must either want your money’s worth or you are just plain hungry.


Super Vegan

I get it.  You do not eat dead animals.  Nothing with a face is your motto.  You do not want your veggies anywhere near the meat and would prefer we used a whole different oven for your creations that we call the vegan machine.  Yes, I can change my gloves so no meat hands touch your food.  No judgement.  The cool thing about my job is that we’re actually a good spot for vegans or vegetarians to eat.  You want a salad on your pizza?  We got you.  We even carry dairy free.  Just don’t judge me when I sneak a meat lover’s creation on my break.

Basic Betty

There’s always that one customer that comes and tries to be simple. Our standard size 11-inch, the MOD, is what most customers like to get. Some people think it’s a bit pricey being $7.97, but it’s worth considering the variety of toppings. What’s not worth it is getting a cheese pizza. I feel as if you can create anything you can imagine and be creative with different combinations that you might like why would you choose to be: basic.

What Else Do you Have Guy?

Seriously?  Did you not understand the concept?  Pizzas made on demand.  Pizza that is.  I bite my tongue to stop myself from asking why you would step foot into a pizza joint if you did  not want pizza.  It is crazy to me.  So since you do not want to grab a burger at let’s say a burger establishment, I guess I can offer you a salad?




So call me crazy.  It may not be very scientific, but this is my pizza topping experiment.  My hypothesis is simple.  MOD customers can be classified into categories based on their pizza topping choices.  Where would you fall?  If you have your own category, add it to the comments.