Catch the Waves: A Review on Brushes

By Andre Johnson

wavesAfter the breaking trend of boys growing their hair to get the newly popular, “nappy fro,” the trend is finally starting to die down.

Boys are finally rocking the low cut again and working towards getting the waves which in my opinion are better.

Nowadays, if you have the low cut, you need to be “swimming” because that’s the current trend.  

But the real behind the scenes story comes from the brush you use and making sure you are using the right brush for the best swim.

First, we have the soft brush, generally used when you first get that cut because you don’t have much hair and the bristles are gentle.  Although this brush is good on a fresh cut, it’s not so good when a cut is needed.

If you have too much hair for the soft brush, then you won’t be making any progress and the brushing becomes pointless because the soft brush isn’t doing anything at that point.

Sure the bristles feel great and it’s typically the brush everyone goes and buys for their first one,  but honestly it is not my favorite.

Secondly, we move on to the medium brush which is my favorite of all the brushes.

You can use the medium brush whenever you feel like it. Coming off a fresh cut?  Sure thing.  Haven’t had a cut in a minute?  No problem that medium brush will still be useful.

I always like how the bristles are not too hard and not too soft, made at the perfect strength to work either way.  Just like baby bear found the porridge that was just right, so did I when I found the medium brush.

If you are trying to get waves, I think it’s mandatory to cop a medium brush because they always come in handy.

Lastly,  we have the “fresh cut scalp killer” or the hard brush.

I’ve tried to use the hard brush on a fresh cut.  NEVER AGAIN WILL I DO THAT.  I hated it and thought I was digging to the inside of my head. When you don’t have much hair, do not even think about picking up a hard brush.  If and only if you have a lot of hair do you need a hard brush to lay down all the hair and help you progress.

All brushes are good in their own way, but I will recommend the medium over the other two because it carries an all purpose role while the other two are only usable depending on certain circumstances.