New Netflix Original: Altered Carbon

By Alexander Kirsch

Ortega (Martha Higareda) and Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) in Bay City.CREDIT: NETFLIX

Everyone has thought about the idea of immortality, but have we all thought about the consequences of it?  What if humans did not die?

In Altered Carbon, a new netflix original series, this mortal dream has become a reality and the world has changed because of it along with a few other planets.

The technology in the show is definitely futuristic but it is all reminiscent of modern day items. It makes sense that cell phones and cars are still used in the far future. When considering a person could live forever, what people love most lives on too.

It’s just that the car can fly and your phone can be linked to your optic nerve for ease of use.

Don’t picture the Jetsons, because people aren’t dressed in futuristic space suits. Suits, jeans, and T-shirts are still in style after many decades. Fashion can’t die unless people do too. Who knew that those kid backpacks with pony decals on them would be used centuries later.

When there is no more room to build on the ground, there is only one other option: the air. Private buildings and businesses are made, but of course only for the elite members of society. Who else would be able to afford such housing?

For a look at a world where mortals experience the boredom of immortality, watch Altered Carbon. I suggest this series where viewers can see both the magnificence and horribleness that immortals might create.