Riverdale’s Second Season

By Bre’Zhai Stewart

Thanks to Netflix, we binge watched season one of the CW’s Riverdale series, and now anxiously await each new episode of season 2 every Wednesday night.

In case you missed the Riverdale craze, here is what you have been missing:

Riverdale is a mystery mixed with some teen drama. Each new mystery keeps viewers intrigued and wanting more.  The show takes place in a small town where so many hide dark secrets. The surprise factor is what hooks me.  I’ll have my mind set on what I think is going to happen or who somebody is but then there will be a tremendous plot twist. It keeps me on my toes and always guessing.

The show’s story lines are on some level complex, but trying to figure out each conflict is what makes it so fun to watch.

The acting is really realistic and believable.  I think that’s what I like most about the show.  The actors make it feel so real as they face town murderers or face family betrayal.    Betty Cooper is such a complex character.  She is the girl next door who has dark secrets.  Never take Betty at face value.   There was a moment where she speaks to the Town Killer, the Black Hood, and the high school journalist in her is determined to catch him. In that moment, I was convinced that Betty had some crazy alter ego in her and would actually go to any lengths to catch him. Her acting was so good I felt like if that was me, the Black Hood, I would probably actually fear her.

When I first heard of the show, I thought that it was going to be just like any other teen show that was supposedly a “mystery”.  When I watched it, I instantly fell in love. It’s not like one of those shows that start off slow and takes a while for it to actually be good, instead it jumped right into the action and mystery.

It’ll have you shocked like “omg, no they didn’t” ,“I wonder who killed…..” ,“But if ____ didn’t do it then who did?” and so on.  It’ll have you honestly questioning EVERYTHING.

I would definitely recommend this show to people. Just because the show is intended for teens/ young adults doesn’t mean other age groups won’t enjoy it as well. Not only do my friends enjoy Riverdale, my English teacher is also hooked.

Honestly, this is a show everyone should at least try to watch. If I was to rate this show, it would definitely be a 5 star rating.

This is the best MYSTERY show I’ve watched and it has me constantly waiting until next Wednesday for the next episode.