Introducing Luke Ca- We Mean Mr. Smith

By:  Andre Johnson, Crystal Cobbs, Brooke Holts, Alexander Kirsch, and Raven Arnold


In walked a tall, handsome man into room 702.  Was this Luke Cage all confident and ready to answer questions?  Did this man with light reflecting off his shiny head have superhuman strength?   Nope, it was not a superhero but instead our new AP Mr. Desmond Smith. Still, might that be two of the same things?

Being in charge of student activities might just make him a superhero to so many Thurston students who really truly want to have fun during their high school years.

When asked how he would respond to so many students who want a spirit assembly, he said,” Students need to be appropriate and responsible first then they can get a reward.”      

Mr. Smith once worked at Thurston as a history teacher when in 2006, Mr. Smith and his wife moved to Detroit from Kalamazoo.   He left when he wanted to become an administrator. He worked in both Ypsilanti and Walled Lake but is glad to be back “home.”

If I didn’t believe in Thurston. I wouldn’t have come back,” he said with a grin.

For almost 15 glorious years, Mr. Smith has been married to his beautiful wife who works as a speech pathologist.  Blessed with two daughters, Zola (10) attends Pierce Middle school while Eden(6) attends Jefferson elementary.

If he won the lottery and decided to give up being the assistant principal, Mr. Smith let us all know that he would not change a thing unless he had enough money.

    “How much did I win?” he asked.  

   When told 1 million, he said it was not enough to keep his wife and two daughters happy.

  But when we  told him he could get 2.5 billion he said, “I would start a performing arts school since both me and my wife are in the arts.”

Mr. Smith is a drummer and his wife sings and danced in high school and college.

  “I would name it ‘Sweet Christmas ’ ” he jokingly said.  Senior Tim Owens laughed the loudest in the room at that and some of us found out that Smith’s Doppelganger Luke Cage often says this phrase.

After describing his dreams of opening his own school “like LeBron,” we then wanted to get to what we all really wanted to know:  What’s his hair care routine?

Laughing, he explained that ” My hair does grow!   Just not on the top. Every four or five days, I shave my hair.  I wash my head with soap and my head just has a natural shine.”

As laughter comes from us in disbelief, he again said,” Yes, every four or five days.” Continuing,” When I was 27 my hair just started leaving and that explains how it is today.”

With hair care taken care of, we then had to squash some rumors.  In fact, rumor has it that Mr. Smith posted a rant on facebook about whether or not one has to wear socks when they dress up.

First off, he was not aware of the no show socks.  Furthermore, Smith tried to convince us that he keeps his “ feet out all summer because I have to wear socks the rest of the year.”

Apparently, Smith is afraid the sock police will come to THS if he dares come dressed up with no socks.

The bottom line is simple.  Mr. Smith is a hero just not the one we first mistook him as. This new AP is a nice, sweet, and chill dude. We are sure he will squelch the typical drama of any high school when necessary, but the love he expressed for us Eagles is truly genuine.