Rooting for Rudy

By:  Trinity Pryor, Alyssa Dickerson, Tim Owens, and Devan Robinson

We the student journalists of Thurston High School anticipated our interview with Mr. Rudy, last year’s “King of Discipline.”

Quite frankly, we were a little nervous.                                                                                                                                                                                             To our delight though, we came face to face with Matthew Philip Steven Rudy; a southern gentleman who may have smelled like fresh Georgia peaches.  Okay, maybe the peaches part is a bit far fetched.

Immediately he thanked us for the opportunity to be interviewed and said he thought it might just be “the highlight of his week.”

  Following the rules of journalism 101, we started off with the easy questions so the interviewee was at ease.  This led to asking Mr. Rudy about his family.

  Mr. Rudy has a wife named Jessica and they grew up together in the same hometown. Soon they married and had three children, Philip (5), Henry (4), and William(1).

  Although he says “they’re little cave people,” and one of them “only eats brown foods,” he loves the trio of boys.   A one year old golden retriever named Munson completes the loving Rudy home.

  While interviewing Mr. Rudy, we noticed his southern accent grew a tad stronger when he was reminiscing about his home state, Georgia.

  Living in both states, he pointed out differences between Michigan and Georgia.

  Of course, the biggest question of the country came up: “Is it soda or pop?” To our northern disappointment, Mr. Rudy answered “soda” explaining, “Pop is a Michigan thing, but in the South we call it Coke.”

  On a more serious note and after some thoughtful pondering, the biggest difference, he explained, was that racial tensions were more present here in Southeast Michigan than down south.

  To lighten the mood, we then talked food.

  Mr. Rudy thinks Waffle House is a good southern restaurant, but he definitely misses Chick- fil- a the most. Anyone who has tasted this deliciousness knows where our new principal is coming from.

  Digging deeper with Mr. Rudy, we asked him our favorite personal question posed to all three administrators:  “What is your hair care routine?”

   “ My hair routine is that it’s falling out and  If it were up to me, I’d shave it bald.”

  His wife does not concur.

  No interview with Mr. Rudy could be complete without asking him about his bow tie swag. He first tried one on when he was 15, but didn’t start to faithfully wear them until he became an AP.

  “I was cool before it was cool,” he told the interviewing team.

  “I probably have 30 to 40 bow ties  and only wear them on Tuesdays.”

  He even tried to convince us that Bow tie Tuesday was invented by him, but was quickly stopped by the Wikipedia website officials claiming he had no further proof.

  During the interview, Mr Rudy expressed his love for sports. Being a native of Georgia, he loves his Georgia sports teams such as the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, and the Georgia Bulldogs.

  He misses turning on the sports station and seeing the Atlanta Braves on the local stations.

  “I have to pay extra to watch Atlanta sports,” he sadly shared.

  The highlight of the interview was how much he expressed his love for where he works. As he talked about his educational journey, we learned how Thurston was his final destination.

   “I don’t know if I chose Thurston; I feel like Thurston chose me,” claimed our new principal.

  Although he doesn’t have favorites when it comes to things like snacks, it is safe to say that Thurston is his favorite high school in the world.

Welcome Mr. Rudy and as for team newspaper and yearbook, we are rooting for you.