Teacher to AP, Harris Soars Wherever She Goes

By:  Carlton Mamo, Rhianna Womack, Asia Yandan, and David Rozmys

Fashionably late yet very business casual, hair freshly washed and spreading good vibes, Mrs. Bethany Joy Harris walked into the room full of eager journalists. On call whenever needed and trying to be in five places all at once, our new female AP already has us impressed.

Facing a room of journalists may be daunting to someone like the POTUS, but for Mrs. Harris, it is just another welcomed adventure for a teacher turned assistant principal.

Getting to important business right away, we asked Mrs. Harris about her hair care routine.

With her hair down and full of waves, Mrs. Harris said, “I wake up, take a shower and blow dry it.” In other words, she woke up like this.

After all, her time is managed by three chic children, seven chaotic chickens and a fighter (a long long time ago) turned florist husband.

Upon asking about her career, Harris asserted, “I can’t imagine not being a teacher.”

After having interests in law, marketing, and organizational communication, Harris returned to Eastern Michigan University to gain a degree in secondary education.

When asked about if she always wanted to go into education, she mentioned that “I never wanted to work in a school. I was very lost. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life.”

Thankfully, she landed in the “Home of the Eagles” in which she expressed, “I love being here. It gets me all teary.”

Mrs. Harris does not fail to thank those who helped make her the person she is today. She appreciates Dr. Boyd, a college professor, who she calls her role model and mentioned  “I would not be who I am without her.”

She not only inspired Mrs. Harris but helped her become a published author.

Apparent from the very beginning of the interview, Harris is very humble and appreciative of all the little things as well as people who make her life the way it is.  

Mrs. Harris also is an owner of a rabbit who she then offered to any of us.

I’m done cleaning up anything that poops” Harris responded especially when she thinks about how her three children would love a goat.                                                                                                                                                                    Overall, we are so excited to have her in our leadership.  She exudes excitement in the phrase, “Our major goal is to give every student at Thurston a great experience.”

So many of us loved this woman as a teacher and know she will bring her passion to her new role.

Mrs. Harris is prepared for a fresh start.  She wanted to be an assistant principal but “Only a Thurston assistant principal.”

All we know is that this phenomenal lady is our very own Wonder Woman.